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Northrup & Associates believes Speech-Language Pathology is a field of practice that combines the science of human communication with the art of therapeutic intervention.
Experience the difference at Northrup & Associates

Individualized therapy approach: We have an optimally sized, well-trained staff who offer expertise in a variety of areas while maintaining a warm and personal atmosphere. Our staff is willing and able to guide our clients and their families through the intricacies and remediation of communication disorders.
Breadth and depth of knowledge: Through our years of experience working in different settings (schools, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers) and with different age groups, we have the knowledge to address communication challenges across many ages and stages of development. Our goal is to address the wide scope of conditions that affect an individual’s communication skills and those with whom they need or want to exchange information.
New clients always welcome: Given a degree of flexibility in scheduling, we do not maintain a long waiting list. 

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Northrup & Associates is a provider for the
Autism Scholarship and Jon Peterson Scholarship